Patrick is OECD Assistant Director. He leads a team of economists recommending better policies to the governments of Australia, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Malaysia, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam. He is also a co-manager of the OECD Global Forum on Productivity and organizes the periodic OECD Ministerial Summits on Productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to his current position, he had a 15-year IMF career. He was the Senior IMF Resident Representative in Kyiv, Ukraine and a Deputy Division Head. He also served as Senior Advisor to the French Treasury and the European Commission. Patrick was Adjunct Professor of Economics at Université de Paris Est where he taught Masters classes on Economic Policy and Research Methodology. He has co-authored five books on macroeconomics and international economics. He has published in leading economic journals and frequently speaks on fiscal policy, monetary policy, development economics, productivity, health care, tax policy, debt management, forecasting, responsible business conduct, financial inclusion, inequalities, women economics, natural disasters, housing, and economics of terrorism. He graduated with a Masters of Econometrics and PhD in economics from Université de Paris-Dauphine. Patrick was the elected Chair of the Association of French staff serving international organizations based in Washington D.C. He runs marathons. His daughter is a photographer and jazz musician based in New Orleans. His son is a Stanford alumni who develops AI and ML software solutions for a London-based startup.

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